Elston, Missouri

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Carolyn (Surface) Nichols
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Carolyn (Surface) Nichols Elston Website
This is a site about a simple time, a time when people weren't afraid to let children roam without fearing they would be harmed.  A time when me and my friends, Carolyn, Linda, and Danny could pack a lunch in the morning, and head out for an all day adventure!  An adventure that would take us for a walk down the railroad tracks, or to the creek to catch some crawdads, or to go to the Church grounds, and act out the Wyatt Earp show we'd seen the night before .  If we really felt energetic, we'd ride our bikes around the loop.  That was a road that started at on end of Elston, circled around and came back into Elston from the other end. No one worried about us, we'd show up for supper full of tales of what we did, maybe some tales we kept to ourselves, like playing Double Dare you to jump off the culvert bridge into the creekbed below. 

It was a time when old men sat around at the Post Office, and told stories of when they were young.  It was good listening for us kids.  A time of Church Picnics and Revivals, Chili Suppers, Halloween parties in the Church basement, back when it wasn't Devil worship to dress up like ghost and goblins.  A time of deep snows, and days off from school because the school bus couldn't run.  We'd get out the sleds and sleigh ride down the streets, then go in for hot chocolate.  A time of all day Canasta games, sometimes playing Poker, using toothpicks as chips, pretending our soda's were Whiskey's,  scurrying to get rid of them if a parent came in.  It wasn't Christian to play a gambling game.   A time when the women would gather at one of the houses to help finish a quilt.  The sound of gossip and laughter, we would try to listen, but would be told to go out and play.

It was a time when about the worse thing that could happen to you was when you wanted your brother to play a game of jungle with you, and he chained you to the peach tree out back and left you there, screaming and hollering, until your Mom came out to see what all the commotion was about!  Thankfully our Mom's were there for us.  Dad's worked, Mom's stayed home.  All was right with the world.
Friends of the Elston Cemetery Website
.I would like to thank everyone who came to the Elston Cemetery over Memorial Day Weekend.  Thanks for all the donations to help with the upkeep of the Cemetery.